This year, we have been caught by the rapidly spreading virus. This time the threat applies to everyone, regardless of our breeding: dairy cattle, pigs or poultry. Each of us has to face all the restrictions that are constantly being introduced by the government. This also means there is no possibility of direct contact with professionals who provide valuable information on a daily basis that allows them to run a farm effectively.
At this point, we don’t know how long it will take. And today we should make decisions related to the daily operation of the farm. We should do everything so that our animals do not feel the oncoming crisis.
For this reason, InConventus Group is launching the AgroMasterClass Educational Platform – online training project providing access to knowledge 24/7/365.
Agri Educational Platform provides annual courses in an online format led by outstanding experts from Poland and around the world. Hence? – exchange of knowledge and gaining new experience without leaving home. The availability of the platform in the mobile application allows you to reach for the latest information literally to the pickles.
Who is the Agro Educational Platform created for?
1) A course for dairy farmers and dairy farm employees will start in May.

Three more courses will be launched in June:
1) for breeders and producers of pigs;
2) for breeders and producers of broilers and laying hens;
3) for farmers.

These are not trainings at which they check the presence or overwhelm with theory. Only practical recommendations, case studies and farm relationships that have the same challenges as you. It is a possibility of direct contact with experts who will answer all your questions and share their experience during the year.
Each course for breeders entitled “Professional breeder” will consist of three thematic blocks:
– Farm Management
– Feeding
– Animal Welfare
Farmers, during the “Professional Farmer Course”, will focus on management, farming technologies and precision agriculture.
You were not online during the lecture? No problem! With subscriptions, you’ll be able to return to each lecture as many times as you need, at any time during the year.
Don’t let epidemics, crises and hundreds of other reasons interrupt (threaten) your business.
Join 1000 growing breeders all over the country by enrolling on the course on the AgroMasterClass Educational Platform: